Terms and Conditions

Collection / Delivery:

All goods collected / delivered must have a detailed inventory document. No claims may be made for items not on the list or receipt.

Any additional costs arising from collection / delivery arranged by Edgebay International or the client for that matter will be for the clients account / expense.

Vehicles delivered or collected byEdgebay International (or any supplier contracted thereof) representatives must be supplied with a comprehensive check sheet detailing all damages and associated details.

Edgebay International (or any supplier contracted thereof) are in no way whatsoever liable for any damages or loss or theft whilst the client’s goods / vehicle is in transit. Damaged goods claims must be received by us within 5 working days.



Any and all storage charges are for the clients account.

Goods / vehicles stored beyond the allocated time will incur the respective storage charges.

All goods / vehicles are stored at the clients own risk. Edgebay International is in no way whatsoever liable for any damages or loss or theft.



If your goods are not insured by yourself, the client, they travel and are handled and stored at the owner’s risk.

All goods are not insured.

In the event that you the client does opt and pay for Edgebay International insurance, please check with your respective Edgebay International representative as to what this insurance does and does not cover.


Delivery to Port:

Transit times provided are only indicative and the Carrier does not undertake that the Goods shall arrive or be available at any place at the Port of Discharge or the Place of Delivery at any particular time.

At the time of booking, hazardous cargo is subject to the acceptance policy of the involved ports and vessels —these additional charges and Terms shall be provided by shipping line upon request.

If your goods are stopped by customs for inspection, this may incur additional storage charges which are for your account.



The cost of sale or disposal will be charged to the client. Any eventual surplus will be paid without interest.

This invoice and its associated rates / costs / and amounts shown is only valid for 3 days from date of Invoice, after that, the associated rates / costs / and amounts will be recalculated and the invoice re­sent.

Please ensure that you send your proof of payment to your respective Edgebay International representative.

All payments must be paid to the value stated on the invoice in full. Bank fees and any transfer costs are for the clients account. Short-payments will be required re-payments from the client.


Cancellations or Amendments:

Any booking amendments, penalties and/or cancellation fees incurred will be for the clients account and billed accordingly.


Destination Charges:

All charges, documentation, handling and correspondence for the destination are managed and charged accordingly. This includes discharge, unpack, local custom clearance, VAT, GST, Duties and any other fee’s that arise. These destination charges are separate from this Edgebay International invoice.

Quotations and Invoices are subject to all applicable charges, surcharges, fees, adjustment factors (including local ones) rules, exceptions and exclusions pursuant to the Shipping Line Tariff or as indicated by, but not limited to, the terms of this quotation (the ” Additional Charges and Terms “). Such Additional Charges and Terms may include terminal handling charges, port fees, overweight charges, documentation fees, customs charges. General Rate Increases (GRI’s), by which is meant general changes in the rate for Basic Ocean Freight (BAS), will not apply to this quotation and BAS will thus not be adjusted by a GRI during the term of this quotation.

Upon Price Calculation Date (PCD) is the date that Shipping Line will use to determine applicable rates, charges, surcharges applicable to the shipment.

At Edgebay International, we always factor in all associated costs into our rates so there are no hidden surprises, however although unlikely, it could happen that your cargo may be selected for customs inspection and/or X-rays check, this is very rare, but can happen from time to time. In the even that this does occur, charges are for the clients account.


Batteries on all vehicles are considered limited life items and as such, Edgebay International and any related partner within the service chain is not liable for any damages or battery failing thereof. Batteries are the sole responsibility of the client.